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Sexual Seduction

16 Jan

This is a new video from snoop dogg, “Sexual Seduction”. The term sexual seduction is pretty retarded if you think about it, but the video is brilliant! It’s worth checking out. Watch the video here (embeding is disabled). The video below is Zapp & Roger Troutman, the talkbox inspiration for snoop’s new track. Thanks Coffelt for the links.

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Messing around at the India Queen

08 Jan

This is Yune Lee and myself doing some improv at the India Queen in Hanover, NH. We didn’t practice much together so it’s very rough, but I think it’s a kind of fun set. Earlier Lee was shredding with a solo set and afterwards I joined Electrocab for a set.


Battery-less digital dice

05 Jan

This is pretty cool, you shake the machine and a random number comes out…like real dice. Best thing is it doesn’t use batteries!

The original post is here, it’s from the instructables site…it’s super nerd, but a dope site!


Happy New Year!

02 Jan

Welcome to 2008, here’s a little video to celebrate. Some lo-fi latin flavored stuff