Good to be back!

If you came to this site in the last month or two you might have noticed some weird things happening.  You look at a post and then you are redirected to some random site trying to sell you something.  Turns out I got hit by a hacker targeting WordPress on Media Temple.  Almost 14 of all WordPress blogs on my host got hacked..lucky me!  If you are running WordPress don’t forget to keep up with security updates and keep your server perms in check.  I haven’t posted on for months because of work, but that also meant I hadn’t properly updated my WordPress installation in a while either.

If you were one of the unlucky folks who got hit with some sort of injection or other attack, check out these posts.  They’re helpful in cleaning up your site and keeping it secure.  If you didn’t get hit, be proactive with your site security!

I’m Back

BTW I hope you like the new look of the site, I changed my theme and customized it a bit…it was about time for a refresh 🙂