Review of Native Video in HTML5

I just recently took this video for a spin and posted my review on the O’Reilly site, Native Video in HTML5

Overall I gave it 4 stars.  Check out the review:

HTML5 is becoming more of a standard and reality, but what does it mean to a web designer or programmer?  This set of videos goes through the video tag of html5 and answers these questions.  How do you embe

d videos?  How do you control the videos?  How do you leverage the videos on hardware like the google tv?

The Controlling videos with javascript portion was great to see how much you can do with a little javascript on a video site.  The follow up video goes into some concerns when porting this new site to google tv.

I almost dropped it down to 3 stars because of the excessive banter early on but it’s still a good video and great way to get a crash course in web video in an hour.  I got these videos for free, but they’re worth paying for if you are a web designer or interactive programmer.