Scaling Your Business with Technology

I recently moderated a panel called Scaling your business with technology at Silicon Beach Fest.

I want to thank all the panelists for coming and giving the crowd their tech insights. We had a good discussion across a breadth of issues, from stacks, to clouds to testing and product iterations. I would also like to thank all the folks who came to watch the panel and ask questions.

The panel consisted of:

John Arroyo, Arroyo Labs, CEO (moderator)

  • Tina Denuit-Wojcik, Enplug, CTO
  • Paul Kasinski, Sky Zone, CTO
  • Erin Neff, The Black Tux, Director of Product
  • Andy Bauch, Wizely Finance, CTO
  • Cullen Zandstra, FloQast, CTO
  • Andres Buritica, CTO of Well Nest; Dodgers / R\GA Accelerator, Mentor

Some of the take aways from the discussion include:

  • The majority were doing agile iterations.
  • They were all using React or Angular on the front-end.
  • Python was the most popular backend amongts the group.
  • They were all leveraging AWS for hosting and numerous AWS services.
  • One or two mentioned a high potential for cloud lock in. In all cases lock in was not a major concern for them.